LaMancha Reference Does:

SGCH War Cry's ZZ Anise

GCH War Cry's ZZ Anise

L1583972     DOB: 3-15-10

Linear Appraisal:
2012 VEEE 90
2013 VEVE 91
2014 VEEE 90

Show: 6X GCH, 3X BIS, 3X RGCH

     SS: Willow Run Chalupa Surge
Sire: Nestor Acres WRCS Viking
     SD: Hogg's-Hideaway Amber

     DS: Brega's PO Elijah
Dam: War Cry's EZ Z Z Top
     DD: War Cry's GCZ Ziggy

Anise is a beautiful black doe with tremendous dairy character and body capacity. She is a very productive doe and has a lovely mammary system well attached with a wide udder arch.