LaMancha Reference Bucks

*B Blue Moon Ranch LD Ferrari

*B Blue Moon Ranch LD Ferrari
(Pictured as a yearling)

L1745898     DOB: 3-05-2015

Linear Appraisal:
2016 FS86 (VVE)

     SS: Kastdemur's Landslide
Sire: Lucky*Star's KL Doubleplay
     SD: Lucky*Star's RY Acclaim

     DS: CH Willow Run Chalupa Bjorn
Dam: SGCH Kastdemur's Xitlali 3*M
     DD: GCH Kastdemur's Survivor 2*M EX 91

Ferrari follows in his mother's hoof prints. He is big bold powerful buck. His dam is a top ten breed leader and has produced 2 does that have made the top ten list. Ferrari's daughters are powerful yet feminine and very correct.

Ferrari is a maternal half brother to our 2016 ADGA Spotlight Sale buck, *B Blue Moon Ranch PT Heart Throb.

*B Lucky*Star's RA Denzel

Denzel Denzel
Above left, Denzel as a yearling. Permission for both pictures courtesy Megan Lawrence of Jen-Mae-Ka Kids

L1640993     DOB: 4-27-2013

     SS: +*B SGCH Rockin-CB KTL Zelkova (LA 91 EEE)
Sire: *B Rockin-CB RZA Aces Around (LA 91 EEE as a 2-yr-old)
     SD: SGCH Rockin-CB QK Prankster 4*M (LA 5-04 93 EEEE)

     DS: +*B Little Orchard BR Pure Thrill (LA 4-05 91 VEE)
Dam:  SGCH Lucky*Star's LOT Vivian 4*M (LA 9-05 94 EEEE)
          Vivien was scored 4X EX 93-94 EEEE by 3 different appraisers at 6, 7, 8, and 9 years old.
          DHIR: 1-10 342 3300 145 4.4% 111 3.4%
               2-10 304 3540 160 4.5% 119 3.4%
               3-09 303 2450 113 4.6% 81 3.3%
               4-10 313 2390 115 4.8% 85 3.6%
               5-10 305 3480 152 4.4% 116 3.3% Top Ten
               6-10 305 3410 151 4.4% 112 3.3% Top Ten
               6-10 364 3780 169 4.5% 125 3.3% extended
               8-00 272 2520 102 4.0% 85 3.4%
               8-11 159 1790 77 4.3% 55 3.05% in progress
               PTI 148 143     PTA 136M 5F 5P
     DD: GCH Lucky*Star's Natural Raquel 3*M (LA 1-06 90 VEEE)
               1-11 305 2030 78 4.5% 59 3.8%

Lucky*Star's RA Denzel Is a complete phenotype and genotype package.  He as sweet as they come yet a powerhouse of a buck. Awarded premier La Mancha Sire at 2016 ADGA Nationals.  I would like to thank Megan Lawrence of Jen-Mae-Ka Kids for giving us this opportunity to purchase him. I would also like to thank Judi & Don Hoy of Lucky Star Farm for breeding such an awesome buck.

Lucky*Star's LOT Vivian
Denzel's dam: Lucky*Star's LOT Vivian, 7 years old, permission courtesy Lucky*Star

*B Rockin-CB RZA Aces Around
Denzel's sire: *B Rockin-CB RZA Aces Around, 2 years old, permission courtesy Lucky*Star

*B Rockin-CB KTL Zach Zegan

L1472101     DOB: 2-14-09     ELITE BUCK

Linear Appraisal:
2012 FS  90 (VEE)
2013 FS 92 (EEE)

     SS: Kastdemur's Sting
Sire: SG Kastdemur's Tach Lach
     SD: SGCH Kastdemur's Evian

     DS: Rockin-CB QM Ramadan
Dam: GCH Rockin-CB RA Sixpence
     DD: Rockin-CB 3D Pennyroyal

Zach is a tall long bodied gorgeous buck. He is very dairy and yes he has a bit of an udder.  Zach is everything we had hoped for in a buck. His offspring are looking great we can’t wait to see udders in 2013. We took 6 doelings produced by Zach to 2012 Nationals, 4 of which made top ten and the other 2 made the cut.

*B Lucky*Star's KL Doubleplay

*B Lucky*Star's KL Doubleplay     *B Lucky*Star's KL Doubleplay
    (Yearling photo courtesy Lucky*Star Farm)

 L1627165     DOB: 2-23-13     ELITE BUCK

Linear Appraisal:
LA VEE 89 (yearling)

     SS: ++*B  GCH Elm Glen Brazil LA 88 +EE
Sire: *B CH Kastdemur's Landslide LA 92 EEE
     SD: SGCH Kastdemur's Slice 3*M LA 93 EEEE, 2005 Nat'l Champion

     DS: +*B SG Rockin-CB KTL Yreka
Dam: SGCH Lucky*Star's Acclaim 3*M LA 92 EEEE
     DD: SGCH Lucky Star's LOT Xhibit 2*M LA 92 EEEE
          Multiple times Top Ten and 2 Times #1 Breed Leader & many times BUIS