About Us

Blue Moon Ranch is located in the beautiful rolling hills between Corona and Perris in Southern California.

We are dedicated to breeding the finest quality, and functional Spanish Horses and La Mancha Dairy Goats. It is our belief that each horse and goat exhibits its own personal stardom.

Pura Raza Espanola Horses:

At first sight Glenn and I fell in love with the Pure Raza Espanola Horse (P. R. E.), one of the most ancient breeds in the world. The qualities that attracted us to this most revered breed in equine history; their nobility, strength, natural elastistic movement, and most of all their passion to work.  The P.R.E. horse has won our hearts just as they will win your heart. Come share in their magic. Visitors are always welcome at the Blue Moon Ranch.

The Blue Moon Ranch was established in the early eighties and was the result of the dedication of Glenn and Sharon Hittner.  Our success can be attributed to a proper selection of lineages which has enable us to breed horses that stand out for their nobility, beauty and athleticism.

Blue Moon Ranch is committed to bolstering the knowledge and abilities of horse enthusiasts of the P.R.E. and assists in achieving a higher standard within our industry. We have maintained a committed effort in bringing expertise and guidance from top professionals in their fields to meet this end.

Blue Moon Ranch provides P.R.E. Stallion breeding services to the dressage community with the highest degree of industry standards. Our stallions have been selected on the basis of character, athleticism, versatility, and pedigree.

We are proud to be able to participate in the newest registry for the P.R.E  Horse,  P.R.E. Mundial, an International registry for P.R.E. horses based in the U.S.A.  We attribute our success to the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse and our good friend and mentor, Lanys Kaye Eddie, who has graciously taken us under her wing.

LaMancha Goats:

Our little treasures were added to the ranch in 2006, bringing with them joy and happiness.  We have gone to great lengths to acquire a great foundation herd with a legacy in National Championships.  We are just beginning to see the results of our careful planning with the offspring we are producing.  In 2008 we participated in our first linear appraisal and we were very excited with the results.

We are a small herd. Our goals are to continue to strive for excellence in producing offspring, maintaining quality and production. The herd is tested annually for CAE and CL  and are currently negative.